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About Us

Tasia Johnson,

store owner

NOLA Pet Services is owned and operated by Tasia and Adrianne Johnson. The business began as Tasia left her job as a sailor with the intentions of returning to her passion as a biologist. After a brief period of Zookeeping and working for the USDA Tasia felt unfulfilled and decided to take a leap of faith and try being her own boss. In 2015 the couple created NOLA Pet Services, LLC and have been growing tremendously ever since.

NOLA is a unique acronym that has a huge place in Tasia's heart. It reminds her of home, New Orleans, Louisiana, the place that got her interested in reptiles and amphibians. Her passion and expertise in animal care and the name itself is what drives Tasia to be the very best in her field on a daily basis. That drive is what allows NOLA to provide the best quality pet care the island of Oahu has to offer.